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Book of Mormon Heading to Los Angeles

Watch out residents of Los Angeles! The Tony Award winning musical The Book of Mormon is officially making a stop in the City of Angels. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the masterminds of South Park, this Broadway phenomenon has been selling out theaters ever since it first hit the road. Now people on the west coast will be able to laugh until they pee their pants.

In March of 2011, The Book of Mormon officially debuted on Broadway. Even with its sensitive subject manner and slightly offensive comedy, it managed to become an immediate hit in New York. Patrons were lining up for a chance to see the comedic genius of Stone and Parker.

Fast forward to December, and The Book of Mormon now has bragging rights to nine, that's right nine, Tony Awards, including Best Musical. That does not include the other plethora of awards and honors it has earned. Critics rave about the musical. Shows continue to sell out on a nightly basis, and more people than ever want to see the show.

In September of 2012, The Book of Mormon will invade California for a 12 week engagement at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles. The shows will run from September 5 until November 25. Shows are expected to sell out almost immediately, so be sure to grab up your tickets as quickly as you can. Be prepared to bust a gut!

Now if we can only get the show to travel down to the south. Texas would love to host The Book of Mormon at one of our prestigious theaters. I am dying to see the show myself - it looks like I may just have to schedule an impromptu vacation down to California.