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What Ever Happened to Pip?

Does anybody ever recall what exactly happened to the British character Pip in South Park? He never was killed, he never moved away in the show, that I can recall, so what in the hell happened to this lovable and annoying character that was easily the British counterpart to Butters? I don’t ever remember seeing him in any episode that was created past season six – which is odd because now that I think about it, I have trouble recalling any episode that he was in past season five. I never understood why they got rid of Pip either? There has to be something that was amiss for the makers of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, to say, hey – this is enough of Pip we have to move on. And, for the same notion, how in the hell do they decide to go with Butters but to oust Pip? I thought that both characters were of equal value to the show’s premise and candor. Butters and Pip are like identical twins of sorts, with the exception that Pip has no parents to speak of and that they are from two different countries. The show has traditionally done away with bad characters, like where in the heck has Big Gay Al been the past few seasons—with the expectation to a brief showing in the episode ‘Follow that Egg’ which was a bit ago. They also canned Chef recently, and they got rid of Kenny time in and time again, only to bring him back at the end of it all. Then they got rid of Crabtree by killing her with the left hand serial killer, a hilarious episode where Cartman gets psychic powers and must help the police solve the case, only to make things worse when he keeps implicating the wrong people. Again, I reiterate, where in the hell did Pip go? They always tend to explain other members of the cast getting the boot, in some way shape or form, or another. However, when it comes to the loveable Pip – who was around for quite some time and was not a brief, single episode character, where has he vanished to? I can only hope that they either bring him back to explain, or to get rid of him for good and close the door on this pondering once and for all. Because until such a time, I will always wonder, and no one will really ever know for sure 1
Check out the classic Pip clip below!