Ziplining is only fun when there's an iPod Nano involved

Ziplining is only fun when there's an iPod Nano involved

Tour groups ruin it for everyone.

Spring break has whizzed by for the boys in South Park. When they realize that their break was spent playing video games and watching television, the boys decide to do something really cool on the last day of their vacation. The city pool is out, since Cartman doesn't want to catch Kenny's herpes, which only girls call a cold sore. Someone mentions ziplining as a exciting adventure, and the boys jump on this choice, unaware of what it about to happen.

Mimicking the narration of Animal Planet's I Shouldn't Be Alive, we are told the graphic story of ziplining, which took place over four hours in the Colorado Rockies. The boys each give their personal tales of what happened that fateful day.

Everyone is initially pumped about ziplining through the mountains, but after arriving at the location, they soon learn that they will share their adventure with a tour group. The idea of pretending to care about other people for a day dampers the adrenaline rush the boys once felt. After watching a boring ziplining safety video, everyone is crammed into a shuttle bus. The bus ride is an additional 45 minute of pure torture.

All this time, Cartman is fueling his system with various forms of Mountain Dew, which when mixed with multiple fast food items, creates a fecal nightmare. Just ask Kyle, who must smell his releases each time.

When it's finally time to zipline, the boys are bored beyond belief. They no longer find it exciting and are willing to do anything to get out of there. What follows is a series of even more boring activities and worse tour groups.

The South Park creators take a detour from regular animation and feature a real life scene at the end. We are introduced to four human actors that play the boys in a boat scene. I found it hysterical to see Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman as real people trapped on a slow moving boat. There is even a diarrhea reenactment that made me spit my Diet Double Dew across the room.

We soon learn that the boy who suggested ziplining only did it for a free iPod Nano. Talk about selling out your friends. It's also not wise to share your Double Dew with someone who has herpes...I mean a fever blister.

How will the boys ever escape this terrifying ordeal? Let's just say it involves a 7-turdy-7 airplane, a helicraptor and Mr. Hanky. Still confused? Then simply watch it for yourself.

This is my favorite episode this season. Perhaps this is a sign of even better things to come.