Words I’ve Learned From Stan & Co.

Words I’ve Learned From Stan & Co.

Normally I wouldn’t advise picking up any habits, activities, or especially words from Stan Marsh and his buddies from South Park. But you have to admit, Matt and Trey do know how to cover the issues—from homelessness to hybrid cars, Al Gore to the Pope, no issue—and no person—is safe from being turned into a cartoon, ridiculed, sworn about, and completely annihilated—all for our enjoyment. Thanks, guys!

The same goes for the language of the show. Sure, there are plenty of bleeps—so many that we’ve even seen an episode where they took count—but there are also usually words that you’ve either never heard of before—or that you heard of but still have no idea what they mean.

Plenty of these words are simply swear words that have been colorfully altered to make them even more offensive, when possible. But there are also a handful of valid words that I’m sure many of people have spit their drinks out upon hearing, thinking they, too, were simply insults on steroids. Below are a couple of these.

Mung: Though the urban definition of this word is “the stuff that comes out when you push on a pregnant woman’s stomach,” as told in the episode “Worldwide Recorder Concert,” mung is definitely a real word. Some of its real definitions include an act of making several increasingly-stronger changes to something to destroy it (in computers), something disgusting, a type of bean, brown algae, or a kind of animal territory where females prove their strength. With all of these possible definitions, it is kind of hard to see how the boys could have missed this being an actual word. (Then again, these are eight-year-olds who, at the time, had no Internet access.)

Queef: Also spelled “quife,” a queef is an expulsion of gas through the vagina, usually during or after intercourse, exercise, or stretching. While Mr. Mackey provides the definition for this one in the same episode (which is highly ironic, since the man demonstrates how little he knows about the vagina in the first place when attempting to teach the boys about sex in “Sex Education”), it seems to be the only accepted definition for the word that I’ve found.

Roshambo: Also spelled Rochambeau, this is a game I thought the boys had simply made up. (For those of you unfamiliar the Mecha-Streisand episode,  they boys kick each other in the testicles until the last one standing wins.) The word, however, is simply another for rock-paper-scissors! Leave it to Cartman and gang to warp such a game that way. Have any of you guys played it the same way the South Park kids do?