Where Did My Underpants Go?

Where Did My Underpants Go?

Beware the Underpants Gnomes

Does anyone remember the Underpants Gnomes from season two? Although we have not heard from this hard working group in a long time, I thought about them the other day while doing some laundry. I could have sworn that a specific pair of underpants went into the washer, but they didn't reappear after the spin cycle. Do you think that the Underpants Gnomes stole them for profit?

In these rough economic times, we can all learn something from the work savvy Underpants Gnomes. After all, they are entrepreneurs that are looking for a successful business adventure. Their business plan looks pretty fool-proof too:

"Phase 1: Collect Underpants

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Profit"

Their business model is actually similar to many that I've come across in my time: Find a plan of action; have no clue how to actually put it into action; somehow come up with a successful company. Is that why so many of our corporations are corrupt?

I personally do not see why they really need to define Phase 2 anyway. Who cares what they do with the underpants? They don't need to be responsible with their company....unless they decide to go public or pay their CEO's a huge sum of money under the table.

Who could these little gnomes actually hurt? The people - that's who! I'm tired of putting dirty underpants into my hamper, only to find them gone by morning. No matter how much I invest into my underpants collection, I never get ahead. Someone needs to stop these gnomes before they actually get to Phase 3. You know they won't be sharing that profit with the little guy that helped them out by providing a stock of underpants. Once they have the underpants monopoly, no other underpants companies will survive!

Confused? Well, you should be. That's what they want. By making you wonder what is so important about underpants, they are able to get into your head. You are then more likely to invest yourself into their services.

But my tin foil hat is starting to hurt, so I need to let these Underpants Gnomes just go on with their plan...