What Would You Look Like on South Park?

What Would You Look Like on South Park?

As a crazy South Park fan, I often find myself wondering what I would look like if I were to become a cartoon character on the show. The artistry of every South Park creation is very recognizable. No other cartoon even closely resembles the people and animals from South Park.

I'm pleased to announce that my desire to become a character has finally come true. After stumbling across a site called SP-Studio.de, I was finally able to create a likeness of me in the style of Trey Stone and Matt Parker.

I actually found SP-Studio.de by doing a quick Google search on "how to become a South Park character." Their site popped up as the number one spot, so I decided to check it out. It is a really cool site for any South Park fan.

On the site, which is powered by Flash, you can create a portrait of a character that is drawn in the style of South Park. The site's owner, Janina Himmen, is careful to point out that this is not an official site. She simply creates items that are created in the same style.

Anyone can design a character on the site. It's free to use, but a small donation is requested by the owner if you really like what you see. After all, she is putting it out there for anyone to try. It's always nice to support a small artist.

When you are creating a character, you get tons of things to choose from. Not only can you pick a body-type, but you also decide what skin tone you like. Your hairstyle and color are also completely up to you. Eyes? There must be at least 20 different types of eyes available. My favorite item was the wide selection of mouths available. I was really tempted to pick the classic "triangle mouth," but I decided to go with something more conservative.

As I created my likeness, I tried to be as true to myself as possible. As you can tell from the picture, I have medium-long red hair (yes, I'm a Ginger), pale skin and green eyes. I also like to carry around a whip, while wearing cat ears when I'm done with my shift at the local Raisins restaurant. Of course, stray cats like to follow me home.

I would love for all South Park fans out there to test out the site. Let's see what kind of creations you come up with!