South Park at Your Wedding?

South Park at Your Wedding?

You know that you're a diehard South Park fan when the characters show up at the most important day of your life - your wedding. While most couples prefer a traditional, classic theme to their big day, there are more daring couples popping up that choose to make it a funny day.

Are you a big enough fan to make your wedding day a South Park event?

Perhaps the simplest way to incorporate South Park into your wedding is by including the boys on your wedding cake. Imagine tiers of raspberry-filling white cake with Eric Cartman climbing up the sides. You might even want to include a dead Kenny on the groom's cake. Sound like fun?

If you thought you were the only one who wanted a South Park themed wedding, you're wrong. There is actually a company that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind South Park wedding cake toppers. That's right, the bride and groom sitting at the top of your cake can look like children from South Park. The owner of this company will create the toppers in your likeness. If you want, they will even include the other characters from the show on your cake. Your guests will be blown away by the creativity of your cake.

I wish that I had found this idea before I got married. We didn't do a serious ceremony. Instead, we decided that we should stay true to ourselves by having a lighthearted event. I can only imagine how much more fun we would've had by cutting slices of wedding cake covered in the South Park boys. If someone cut the Kenny fondant figure in half, I would have shouted out, "You killed Kenny! You bas****!"