South Park Tackles Battle of the Sexes Household version

South Park Tackles Battle of the Sexes Household version

Season 16 premiere takes off South park Style

Following South parks season 16 premiere Reverse Cowgirl you have to admit that some part of it crept into some remembrance of your own. Toilet bowl seats have been a battle that has gone on at some point either in relationship form or possible way back into your sibling memories. Everyone at least once in their lives has had the infamous toilet seat battle.

Reverse Cowgirl starts out with Clyde being scolded by his mother in full screaming form over the toilet seat being left up, naturally he had a full South Park audience consisting of Kenny, Stan, Kyle and Cartman. As you can imagine Cartman went into full Cartman form the following day in class while humiliating Clyde. Clyde’s mother later dies by Toilet seat. Yes she did in fact fall in. The dreaded threat that women everywhere have echoed finally came true.

Our expectations of South Park would’ve left us  all upset if the antics stopped there so the fun and insanity went continued on. Seatbelts were created for toilet safety so that other tragic accidents could be prevented. The toilet creator returned from the dead to answer for his crimes of creation. All in all each passing moment added more humor, excitement and South Park fun.

The wait for South Park to return with season 16 was extremely long or so it seemed. If the rest of season 16 is anything like the premier then I’d have to say that the wait was well worth the weeks of laughter that are certain to follow. In the rare case that you missed the premiere this week then as always you can view it at South Park.