Love is like taking a dump

Love is like taking a dump

Sometimes you have to give it a hard, slimy push.

Love is in the air at South Park Elementary when a new girl moves to town. As soon as the boys learn she is a cheerleader, they can't wait to see her. All of the boys in the school wait outside cheerleading practice to catch a glimpse. She is a beautiful black girl, named Nichole.

Of course, Cartman feels that Token would be the perfect match for her.

Eric Cartman and his sidekick, Cupid Me, are determined to make Token and Nichole an item. When he learns that Nichole actually has a crush on Kyle, he sets out to make sure they never hook up.

Cartman tells Nichole that he and Kyle are together, even though Kyle isn't as "out" as he is. When they are alone together, Kyle is the best boyfriend Cartman ever had. Nichole respects this and promises not to go after his boyfriend.

Then Cartman plots to make Token and Nichole fall in love. He locks them in the boy's locker room together, and leaves them with a deli platter and some massage oil. After a night alone, they announce that they are dating.

When Nichole's parents discover that she is dating a black boy, they are disappointed. Her father makes it clear that black people don't have to date within their own race. Just because they share the same ethnicity, it doesn't mean they have to end up together.

Nichole soon becomes uncomfortable with the relationship and breaks things off. Token is heartbroken, but Kyle takes this chance to make a move on her. However, when Cartman declares his gay love for Kyle by serenading him to I Swear, his intentions go unnoticed. No one wants to get in the way of these "boyfriends."

So, how does it all end? Leave it up to Cupid Me to find the right lady for Cartman and reignite a love that should be. Beginning on May 25, you can watch it all here.