Creating a South Park Birthday Theme

Creating a South Park Birthday Theme

You’ll be the envy of every South Park fan

Do you have a South Park fan with a birthday coming up? You can give him or her a birthday party that will be the envy of the neighborhood. You’ll actually be amazed at how affordable a South Park birthday theme actually is.

Decorations can certainly be bought, however you can also create your own by using some thick construction paper, colored pins, scissors and a little imagination. Take some construction paper and cut out the shapes of famous South Park characters, then simply color them in to match their regular attire. Make sure that you have the most popular characters such as Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan and maybe throw in Chef and Butters just for good measure. Once you have your South Park characters finished you can either place them on the wall separately or you can tape them side by side to make a cut out doll design.

A South Park birthday party just isn’t complete without a South Park cake. Many bakeries have South Park cakes available that can be preordered or you can just make your own. If you’d like to try making your own, there’s an easy recipe that takes minimal decorating talent that can be found at Victoria’s bakebakebake live journal, she has included step by step instructions and pictures to help you along.

As a final thought just to add a little more South Park theme to make your South Park birthday perfect you may want to consider purchasing any of the South Park soundtracks that are available. I would suggest picking up a copy of the South Park Chef Aid, though any South Park album would do. Now you have a perfect, yet affordable South Park themed birthday party.