Best of South Park

Best of South Park

My 3 favorite episodes

South Park is known as one of the greatest, if not the greatest animated shows on the air. They have been on the air since 1997. Their popularity stems from their constant satire that places everyone in line as a target. Every South Park episode is great, however some stand out above the rest.

The “It’s a Jersey thing” episode was a true South Park classic. Throughout the episode they exploited the mentality of “Jersey” to the highest extreme. In case that alone wasn’t enough to give their audience nonstop laughter they threw in the Snooki Monster, who plagued the town by a constant unfulfilled desire.

The “Cartman gets an Anal Probe” was the first South Park episode and an unbelievable introduction to everything that South Park would become. What made this episode so great is that Cartman didn’t get just any anal probe, he received an anal probe that controlled in every aspect.

The “Erection Day” episode was from the 9th season and was absolutely hilarious. It had Jimmy plagued by pre-stage nerves that kept turning into an erection. To combat his problem and save the ultimate embarrassment he tried to have remedy the problem prior to the school talent show. When a date failed to get him results he ended up in the Red Light District, where he found a prostitute and eventually found her less than friendly pimp.

South Park season 16 will begin airing on March 14th and is certain to fill us all with laughter just as all of the past episodes have. There’s no telling what the South Park creators have in store for us in this season however, I’m certain they will continue to top their previous seasons just as they have always done. A month and a half is a ways off, though I’m certain we can all get by on past episodes until the season officially begins.