Are you scared of the Jewpacabra?

Are you scared of the Jewpacabra?

This year, both Easter and Passover fall during the same week. What a perfect opportunity for the creators of South Park to poke fun at both holidays. Anyone who loves the religious jokes of this creative duo better empty their bladder before watching this episode.

As the Jewish resident of South Park, Kyle is surprised to find Cartman speaking to his mom about Passover one morning. Is Eric just curious about this religious holiday, or does he have something else up his sleeve?

As it turns out, Cartman is ready to spread a warning about the Jewpacabra to everyone. The Jewpacabra is a scary beast that likes to ruin all the happiness of Easter. This creature only attacks those that believe in Jesus Christ - Jews are safe from him. According to Eric, this monster is like the Sasquatch, except much more dangerous and greedy. Who will believe these tales?

Butters, that's who. Oh, how I love Butters. I think everyone knows a person that is almost as naive and impressionable as this yellowed-haired boy. He can't sleep because the fear of being attacked by Jewpacabra is taking over his thoughts. To put his mind at ease, Cartman decides to take Butters on a Jewpacabra hunt. It takes a lot of coaxing and denying of Jesus, but they finally get footage of the beast, or maybe a dog, running through the forest.

When Cartman takes this footage to the local grocery store, who holds an Easter egg hunt every year, they are very concerned. They cannot let this creature wreak havoc on this religious day. After all, there is a 0.000000001 percent chance that the Jewpacabra actually exists, and that's a risk no one is willing to take.

Somehow in the mist of the following events, Cartman begins to believe his own folklore. When he is placed as bait for the Jewpacabra, will the blood of a freshly killed chicken be enough to bring the beast out of hiding? Will Cartman live to find Easter eggs in the morning? After a series of plagues and a duet between Cartman and Pharaoh, we finally get our answer.

Curious to find out how it all ends? You can watch the episode online here. You will never take Easter morning for granted again.