5 Most Annoying South Park Characters of All Time

5 Most Annoying South Park Characters of All Time

As much as I love South Park, Matt and Trey can come up with some pretty annoying characters. Sometimes they’re funny, but sometimes they just drag on and on and on and… you get the idea. Every time I’m about to watch new South Park episodes, I always wonder what new characters will be introduced next—and if I’ll either like them or want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

I’m sure everyone has their own list of top annoying characters, and there are plenty that I’m sure I don’t have listed—Mephisto, the Mayor, and Miss Choksondik, for example, are all pretty irritating in their own special ways. Terrance and Phillip are so irritating you pretty much wanted us to fry them in the movie. Cartman is always annoying, although it’s usually the kind of annoying that makes you laugh until you pee.

Here are the top five South Park characters who never, ever fail to annoy the piss out of me:

Stan’s Dad: Sure Randy Marsh is a regular, but he’s got to be the stupidest dad in the entire universe. From declaring his giant poop a miracle to telling Stan that his divorce with Sharon is all his fault, reliving his idiotic “boy band” days to the ridiculousness when he recently continually filmed his family as the giant hamsters took over town, you have to admit that Randy is somewhat of a douche. Of this list, he’s probably the funniest annoying person, though.

Kyle’s Cousin, Kyle: Ugh. Who can forget Kyle’s obnoxiously nasal, awkward, wheezy cousin, Kyle? Unfortunately, probably no one, as this was one of the most sniveling, wretchedly irritating characters of all time. I doubt anyone else in the history of the world has announced “I have these polyps on my hands” in front of the whole class on the first day of school.

Book Mobile Driver: Remember that idiot red-haired guy with the moustache and the rainbow shirt in the bookmobile episode (first season, if memory serves correctly) who ended up being the chicken “lover” just—according to him—so he could teach Officer Barbrady to read? Yeah. What a freaking lame, maddeningly stupid character. (That was a hilarious episode, though.)

Jackovasaurus:  Does this one even warrant a description? Even the characters of the episode—aside from Cartman in his idiocy—hated these stupid duck-like, noise-making, over breeding creatures. That’s why they sent them to France.

Kyle’s Mom: I think if everyone sat down to make their own list, Kyle’s mom would certainly top a lot of them. That “What-What-What!” never ceases to grate on your nerves (though you also end up snorting a laugh when she says it, too). Sheila Broflovski takes the cake when it comes to annoying, overprotective, ridiculous mothers—and the song “Kyle’s Mom” from the movie just gets stuck in your head every time you hear it.

What do you think? Do any of these make your top list? Which South Park characters can you absolutely not stand—and which are your favorites? Share them in the comments or your own post.